Dear Mr. President, we have nothing to celebrate yet.

From left: Deputy President William Ruto, Makueni Deputy Governor Adelinah Mwau, President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kitui Governor Julius Malombe during president's visit to Kitui

Dear Mr. President sorry for disturbing your joy as you lead the Jubilee delegates on this big day Sept 10. Forgive me for I may not know what I am doing. Just the other day you were in Kitui County, we washed road with omo and sunlight just for you, we accorded you the due respect even though some us are from the stones throwing coalition.

You did not give us anything neither have you fulfilled any of the promises you made but we appreciated your visit. The billions you will be spending at Kasarani, please spare some and help us tarmac our problematic Kibwezi – Mutomo – Kitui road which would go further to strengthen and empower us economically.

Please we call unto you because without your nod our future is compromised. This road is our future Mr. President, the only road that will open up our land into regional business hub, not forgetting it’s the only known B class road in Kenya that is not tarmacked.

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Kindly also advise and remind our esteemed leaders from our land that are attending this momentous day that our people continue to languish in poverty and they demand for a place at the negotiation table.

The people of Kamba land feel maligned by successive government but Mr. President you can be the man that changes this narrative.

You have dished goods in Kisumu and Mombasa and commenced major projects but the last time I was there did not see even your portrait there in their business premises and they continue to burn your banners day and night. They recognize Obama and their Baba but here in Kitui people respect you as their president and father.

Mr. President as you highlight your achievements after five years in power let this very important corridor highway be one among the many.

Please consider our humble prayer Mr. President. Long live Jubilee if Jubilee lives for its people.

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