Shocking: Mwingi Central MP aspirant shares a bizarre picture that will leave your mouth wide open!

Mwingi Central aspirant Gedion Mulyungi is a disturbed man

A Mwingi Central Member of Parliament aspirant has totally jeopardized his morality after he alledgedly eats a woman and accidentally dropped the sickening evidence of an ugly nunu on a political group that has left members flabbergasted, the respond he received will send you gags.

Yesterday August 9 at the wee hours of the night, at around 12 midnight the soon- to- be mheshimiwa shook the members of the WhatsApp group to the bone, after he send a picture of a naked reproductive organ of a woman who happens to be of a typical African origin and with overly consumed harmful fart pot.

The picture has since received overwhelming attention from members online and is now drawing attention in other group, with many expressing their disappointment by the act while others have made a pun out of the whole matter.

Members in the political party immediately began to send in their responses that have created more questions than answers, questioning whether or not the MP aspirant took one too many and decided to entertain himself with easy catch and he forgot to switch off his data.

Our efforts to reach the aspirant were fruitless as our calls went unanswered.

Below is the blurred screenshot and members reactions after the post.

A blurred screenshot of the pic he aspirant shared
A blurred screenshot of the pic he aspirant shared

Members reactions after the post



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