Kalembe Ndile makes fun of Rao in his comical last speech as TIP TIP Party leader

Kalembe Ndile leaves JP headquarters for Kasarani on Friday morning Photo/Star

The ever hilarious TIP TIP party leader did not hold back when he was offered a chance to deliver his last speech after dissolving his party to join the Jubilee merger on Friday Sept 9. The former Kibwezi legislator send the crowd to gags while delivering an hilarious goodbye to his party.

Kalembe seemed excited and confident that he will now be able to deliver justice to the Kamba people through his new ties with the Jubilee party. Kalembe said he had to make the delicate move because the other coalition is stagnated.
He mimicked the Cord Coalition leader Raila Odinga saying is “vitedawili” did not help the people of Ukambani. He said request by the Deputy Governor to join the new party was heaven send giving several analogies from the bible.

Kalembe said he is confident in Jubilee a party that unites all Kenyans. Kalembe has said he will do the legwork for Jubilee in Ukambani,” Our DP has been doing all the work, he should now relax and let me do the legwork.” Kalembe said.

Tip Tip party is among a total of 11 political party that have dissolved to join the new Jubilee party that is led by president Uhuru Kenyatta.


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