Kambas should jump the ship and join Jubilee

DP William Ruto welcomes the defectors into the new party. Photo/Citizen

By Rachael Munanie | KituiOnline

Enough is enough the Kamba people have suffered enough in being in the opposition. In 2013 after election CORD coalition in which Wiper party is part of lost the elections and was declared opposition party.

Being in opposition has however brought nothing to the Kamba people but only teaching our people how to throw stones something that we have resisted anyway. We have been short-changed and sidelined in matters of development.
For instance if we had our very own in government then Kitui – Kibwezi road would be carpeted already.

It seems as if 2017 wembe ni ule ule. Jubilee is aligning them to win in next year’s general elections as CORD as a culture prepares to remain in opposition at that is what they know best.

Kitui Rural, Kitui Central, Kitui East and Mwingi North will be among the last constituencies to benefit if they ever will from the governments’ project for a technical college in each constituency.

Mwingi Central and Kitui South have already benefited from this and the reasons are obvious. Clearly, we are entitled to development from National Government, it goes without saying but it appears there are factors influencing these development and we cannot overlook.

It is about the time that Kambas recalculate their political move and consider jumping into the winning team. CORD seems to have no future, maybe CORD will lead this country in 2027 and that is too long a wait.

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