Stop dragging Kalonzo’s name into ‘village’ politics


The Wiper Party has in the recent past has undergone the most frustrating stage of its existence with some legislators elected through the party decamping at a rather worrying numbers; at the county level too Wiper politics have been rocky, especially in Kitui gubernatorial succession politics.

The incumbent Governor Julius Malombe and Kitui Senator David Musila of the Wiper party have been at loggerheads since the latter expressed his interest to unseat the incumbent come 2017 general election, they are no longer in good terms.

On Friday Sept 9 a group of seven MCAs allied to the county Governor issued a press statement threatening to decamp from the Wiper party if chairmanship remains under the Senator Musila, the MCAs argued that going into nominations with Musila being the party chair would compromise the results of the primaries, citing lack of level ground for both contenders.

They called on the party leader to intervene and ensure fairness is prioritized during the party nominations.

This move has received varied reactions with another group of MCAs issuing a counter a press release to counter saying that their names were included in the earlier release without their knowledge and consent.

Continuous use of Kalonzo’s name at the ‘village’ level is doing more harm than good. Political analysts have warned. They have urges Ukambani residents not to involve Kalonzo in this local politics.

“Let’s not frustrate our leader. Let’s support him come rain come sunshine,giving him space to only worry about weighty national matters and not local politics” Dickens said.

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