“Kitui General Hospital needs to style up” – sentiments of a KNH Hospital doctor.

The hospital is accused of neglecting accidents victims who sought for medical attention.

By @Antoh_Muinde |KituiOnline

“Hii ujinga mlisomea wapi?, Hauna macho ya kuona damu na uchafu kwa huyu mgonjwa? ”A furious doctor at Kenyatta National hospital retorted to a Kitui nurse who was accompanying referral accident victims.

This came out sharply after the doctor realized the nurses were reckless and had mishandled accident victims who were in a comma after being involved in an accident days ago.

The patients had to wait for 12 hours after being referred to KNH without explanations for the delay. Lack of admission file is one of the lame excuse nurses had.

“It’s indeed a pity that one of the patients got to KNH with blood all over even after the long delay. Unavailability of nurse on duty was the reason the patient was not cleaned, the doctor was told after he received the patient.” The caretaker said.

This incident has clearly spelled the deplorable state of the county health facilities. Confirming to critics, allegations that the county has neglected the health sector.

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Critics have in the past claimed that the health ministry has no doctors nor enough nurses to cater for every health facility and those that are there are not competent. They also hold that the governor has constructed aesthetic dispensaries and revamped hospitals that luck drugs.

Clearly this incident exposes the reluctance of the county health officials in improving and offering quality service to the people. It’s evident that nothing is being done.

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