Kitui residents reacts to neglect of accident victims by Kitui General Hospital.

The vehicle that crashed on Saturday killing two and injuries others all victims from one family.

“Can somebody intervene here; a vehicle was involved in a road accident on Saturday night at Kyeni –Kauma area. Four members of the same family perished on the spot, two of the casualties are still in a state of coma since then. They have been referred to Kenyatta National Hospital and we have paid the required dues to facilitate the transfer. Since 0800hrs we are still stranded here at Kitui General Hospital. Tufanyeje jamani.” A well-wisher who assisted the victims posted online.

Kitui residents were disappointed to receive the news and went on to slam the county government for allowing such recklessness to prevail. Below are some comments picked from different WhatsApp groups.

“Even as Betty’s situation is being worked on and help sought for, it lays bare what the Kitui County Senator and a section of Members of Parliament have been saying!

The “bigger things” we are talking about are denying our people hospital staff for the last 4 years, denying our health facilities drugs, even as non-essential employees like village administrators gets employed in their numbers and Lootology taking the central part of the powers that be! Talk of upside-down priorities!”

The patients waited for 12 hours after being referred to KNH with unexplained delays. Lack of a manila file is one of the lame excuse nurses had.

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