Sad: Accident victims lie unattended to for over 48 hours at Kitui General Hospital.

One of the victims lays with carton bandaged injury at the Kitui General Hospital.

By @Antoh_Muinde |KituiOnline

It is quite a shame that victims who survived a fatal accident that claimed lives of two leaving them with severe injuries along Kauma road have been left to die helplessly from excruciating pain even after getting to the hospital two days ago.

We paid a visit to the hospital today morning and we are greatly saddened by the kind of negligence that is happening in Kitui General Hospital. We found the victims in pain with cartons wrapped around their injured parts.

Kitui General Staff have been on the receiving end from Kitui residents who are quite unhappy with the news that the hospital was mishandling the accident victims who were already in comma.

The patients are said to have waited for 12 hours after being referred to Kenyatta National Hospital with unexplained delays. Lack of a manila file is one of the lame excuse one nurse had.

It’s indeed a pity on how the patient still had blood all over even after the long delay. Lack of a nurse on duty was another cause, how does that ever occur in a county health facility.

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This incident clearly exposes the reluctance of health officials including the county health minister and Chief Officer. It is obvious there is neither goodwill nor commitment to offer medical attention to our people.

Two people who died in the night of the accident, at the time of publishing this article had not been preserved in the mortuary.

Reason given was that the facility was full. This brings in the question, is Kitui General Hospital serious with patients’ lives? If the answer is yes then they should have a backup plan for emergency services to save the lives of its people.

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