Wiper wrangles will give Ngilu an easy sail.

Wiper Democratic Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka (right), flanked by other party leaders

Following the recent clause added into the political parties’ bill awaiting assent o the president nomination will become a delicate and a very sensitive issue. The clause seeks to end the habit of party hopping restricting losers of party primaries from hopping to another party.

A bill that has received a lot of opposition from the legislators who say if it is passed it will limit popular candidates who may be rigged out of nominations in the popular parties from moving to fringe parties and be elected.

However if the president assents then, then this would have a big impact on Wiper politics in Kitui County.

Wiper movement has been faced with internal wrangles since its chair Senator Musila showed interest in the gubernatorial seat. The fight is between the incumbent Governor Malombe and the Senator who are both members of the Wiper party.

If they both go to the nomination head to head, the Wiper party has higher chance of losing to the Narc gubernatorial candidate and leader Charity Ngilu.

The governor has been uncomfortable with facing the Kitui Senator, Musila at the party primaries while he is still the party chair, something that has led them to differ on the party primaries.

If the difference between the two continues, then the biggest beneficiary will be Former Lands CS Charity Ngilu.

Political pundits say if Musila gets the nomination then the possibility is that Malombe’s supporters will have Ngilu as their plan B since party hopping will be impossible.

“I foresee third force of Madam Ngilu which in the event Wiper mishandles nominations we will reap much benefits.” An anonymous follower commented on social media.

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