100 bulls and 400 goats to celebrate a fallen Maa hero; Ole Ntimama budgeted at 33million

Narok veteran leader Ole Ntimama will be buried on Wednesday.

The burial of a veteran politician, a champion of the Maasai culture and Narok politician William ole Ntimama is scheduled for Wednesday Sept 14 at his home in Narok.

The burial ceremony is expected to cost a whopping 33 million shillings with a feast of 100 bulls and 400 goats to be slaughtered for the guests attending the ceremony. The Maasai in Narok have already donated 15 bulls and several sheep and goats to be slaughtered during the burial.

The humongous amount of money is said to cater for expenses such as hiring of vehicles, accommodation of guests, security, food and a pre-burial cultural ceremony among others.

According to the budget estimates, transport will cost Sh12 million while food and catering will cost Sh8 million.
Hiring of tents and chairs, decorations, banners and other expenses have been allocated Sh9.1 million with Sh3.7 million being set aside for contingency. Nation reported.

Dignitaries from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are expected to attend including the president Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition leader Raila Odinga who has been quoted saying Ole Ntimama was his close ally.

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The veteran leader died at the age of 86 years while at his Narok home.

Source: Nation

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