All we want is free and fair nominations – Governor Malombe tells Kalonzo.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Kitui Governor Julius Malombe during the burial in Kitui

The debate on whether the Wiper party primaries will be conducted in a free and fair manner has been the bone of contention between the closer rivals Governor Julius Malombe and Senator David Musila who are contesting for the gubernatorial seat.

Malombe had proposed that the party hires an independent body such as the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission to conduct party nominations but Musila has openly opposed governor’s idea saying that is impossible for the party to afford the services of IEBC.

“It is quite expensive for the party to hire an independent body to conduct the party nominations, it would amount to close to 300 million, a kind of money that the party does not have.” Musila who is the Wiper party Chair said during a live TV interview recently.

Despite Governor Malombe expressing readiness to do all that is within his power to ensure Wiper delivers fair nominations for the Kitui gubernatorial seat.

“If the old man is afraid of the cost then I will cater for that, let him bring on another excuse” Governor Malombe has said in the past.

Malombe has held that it will be impossible for elections to be conducted fairly by an internal body while the Party chair has a personal interest in the seat. His sentiments have been shared by other county political leaders and political analysts all together.

“The push to contract an external body is unrelenting and the newest development on the matter leaves Musila with no option but to persuade the other party leaders to seek the services of an independent body, in order to prove he has no intentions of influencing the party primaries to his advantage.” A political observer told KO.

Many have also cautioned the Wiper party leadership against opting for a direct nomination, saying that such would have dire consequences and would most likely kill the party.

The party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has however remained mum on the matter only insisting that party primaries will be fair.

Governor Malombe has called on the party leader to clear the air on whether or not the party nominations will be an internal affair saying the party leader stands to lose if the party nominations are not open and free.

“I will lead the Kitui residents in a protest to reject any plan that will compromise democratic right of the people.” Malombe has vowed.

The ODM Party and the Jubilee party are said to have already contracted the IEBC to oversee their nominations ahead of the 2017 general elections.

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