Youth leader urges kitui residents to be careful with Ngillu

Kitui Rural Youth Leader, Ben Kilonzo

Residents of kisasi ward have been urged to be prepared if they indeed want to send their MCA home owing to his under performance.

“The only way you can be heard is by registering as voters in large numbers” Ben Kilonzo, Youth Leader Kitui Rural said. He was speaking at mukameni village kisasi ward during Nzeo function. Present at the event were Kitui Rural MP aspirants: Emeritus kasee musya and David mwalika mboni Ngamba.

The youth leader who was echoed by leaders who were present in Nzeo function expressed his dissatisfaction of the incumbent ward representative who is rarely seen in the county assembly and around his kisasi ward.

The ever mum ward representative is also accused of dodging assembly processions to attend to his uganga business in Mombasa .

For fear of being bewitched by the MCA, his opponents have since developed cold feet and opted not to criticise him in public. Something that Ben is not afraid of. It is said the incumbent Kisasi MCA can neither write nor read

“If it were not for Ngilu’s interference our area would not be lagging behind in development like it is today. She imposed this man to us ” noted one Eliud Musyoka from kisasi ward.
Ben directed all the blame to former land CS who worked tirelessly to make sure kisasi and mbitini poeple are disadvantaged on constituency boundaries she took us to Yatta making it hard for any kisasi district son to win the coveted kitui rural seat. This was during 2010 boundaries review

“We know Ngilu and Musila are vying for county’s top job. I urge them to fish for their own votes without imposing any candidate to electorate” Ben added

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