Ngilu saddened by the state of affairs at the Kitui County Hospital

Aspiring Kitui Governor Kaluki Ngilu was once a water Minister and Health Minister.

Following an expose’ on the deplorable state of our county hospital over the weekend, where a story of an accident victim wrapped with cartons was aired on TV and highly circulated on social circles Hon. Charity Ngilu a contender of at the Kitui gubernatorial seat, decided to pay a visit to the hospital in an impromptu manner too and indeed the same shock hit her, nothing much has changed yet.

The gubernatorial aspirant visited the hospital yesterday and was quite saddened to learn of the awful hospital conditions that the patients are exposed to every day.

Ngilu made an impromtu visit to the hospital yesterday.
Ngilu made an impromtu visit to the hospital yesterday.

Living in an environment not only deprived of water with dry taps but also in one of the wards she found a patient had been staying with a dead patient since morning.

It is quite shocking the kind of irresponsible service being rendered to the patient at the top county level hospital. On arrival the patient who was in cartons the previous day seemed to have been well attended to this was after a team of youth leaders had stormed the hospital exposing the plight of patients.

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Now the question that rings in the minds of many is. Must it take an impromptu ambush by the public for the right service to be offered to the people of Kitui?

Ngilu questioned how TVs could take precendence over people’s health. “It is impossible to a patient in pain to enjoy watching TV, these people need drugs and medical attention more than anything.” She said.

Yesterday during the Statehouse Health Summit, it was noted that 90% of the death that are occurring in Kenyan hospitals are due to bad attitude of doctors and nurses towards the patients, thus this must change and the county government of Kitui must show committed towards eradicating this .

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