We are only stating a fact Mr. Senator – Malombe’s team

Kitui Gubernatorial Aspirant David Musila

Kitui Senator David Musila is on record saying that Malombe’s team is doing abusive politics. When you keenly do a follow-up on the said ‘abusive politics’ then you could easily realize that these are just but kicks of a dying horse.

The senator who has been popularizing his candidature across the county has accused the Malombe’s team of name-calling saying he is aged and unable to perform the tasks of a governor.

But really the true of the matter is, it is unfair to take the truth for abusive language one member of the Malombe’s team said.

“When we mention his age its nicknamed abusive politics, we are only but stating what is factual.” A member of the opponent’s team said. “You cannot prosecute us for calling the pot black” He added.

This man had retired before he joined active politics back in the day, he has spent over 20 years in politics not to mention he has little to show, his age betrays him, and it’s only a matter of time give him a bitter-sweet golden handshake.

The Incumbent Governor Julius Malombe has said he is ready to send his main challenger to a political grave come 2017. Because he is well deserving of retirement.

The governor added that if Musila thinks direct nomination will work for him since he seems unwilling to resign as the party’s chair then he should be prepared to watch the party fall out.

Wiper party has been rocked with mucky politics ever since its Chair David Musila expressed interest in the gubernatorial seat.

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