Has the past come to haunt long-serving politician Charity Ngilu?.

Aspiring Kitui Governor Kaluki Ngilu was once a water Minister and Health Minister.

When former Lands CS Charity Ngilu who is eyeing the Kitui gubernatorial seat visited the Kitui General Hospital to ascertain the deplorable state on the hospital, it was a win for her as she got the opportunity to punch back at the incumbent governor on how much he was a failure.

But the celebrations were not to last for long before tough questions were thrown to the long-serving politician who has at one point being a Health Minister and a Minister of Water at the National level at some point in her political career.

One member of a WhatsApp political group has taken Ngilu to task to answer to tough questions of accountability saying if she is also not to be trusted with the top county seat for she has failed in the past.

“Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu, former CS we have all had a few days of listening to your audio and also read many comments from your supporters after visiting Kitui General Hospital. Your audios and comments focused on three things water, state of Kitui Level 4 hospital and the Mortuary. My questions to you.” The post read.


Don’t you think Kitui County leave alone Kitui General Hospital -level 4 would be having enough water even for irrigation if the Great UMAA dam was completed under your watch as a Minister in charge of the water docket during the grand coalition government? Would you mind to tell us what actually happened for this precious Kitui dam to STALL?!

Kitui General hospital is still at Level 4 and during the Narc government you were the health Minister. Why didn’t you influence for the upgrade of the hospital to Level 5 to enable provision of all the necessary facilities and equipment (from the national government where you were in charge of 100% ) which you hyped are missing from the Level 4 hospital currently. County governments only get a mere shared trickle of 15%

The mortuary Hon Ngilu, we are all on safari on planet earth, does it matter where the signpost is located?!

At Kitui General Hospital level four Orthopoedic section patients with broken limbs and bones are pulled back to position by hands till patients pass out in unbearable pain most of them wish they were dead not to go through this pain. As a cabinet minister for health. What did you do to ensure the hospital got a modern surgical theatre??!!

The post read, could the past come to haunt the aspiring governor? We can only imagine.

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