Joy as a young mother welcomes quadruplets in Kitui

Teresia Musenya, safely delivered quadruplets (all girls)

By Abel Mutuku

A 30-year-old housewife Teresia Musenya, safely delivered quadruplets (all girls) on wednesady night at Kitui general Hospitals, a statement from the hospital said.
The new-born weighing 1.2 kilograms each are healthy, active and are doing well in the hospital’s new born unit NBU ward, the doctors said.

“Survival of the babies depends on their size as well as maturity as they have been delivered after 32 weeks and weight is just over one kilogram each.
The outlook, however, is very positive and proper medical care is essential at preliminary stages even after the babies are being discharged,” said hospital’s paediatrician Celestine Mwamburi

This was Musenya’s third birth the first three being girls also.
She says it is the first time in their lineage someone has given birth to more than one child

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