Why Musila should change his tactic?

Kitui Senator David Musila

By Rachael Munanie | KituiOnline
If whatever you supply or sell does not have a market there is only one option, and that is change the commodity in question and get a better one. Leave alone that, who among the three contenders of the gubernatorial seat is ready to buy the candidature of one David Musila?

For one Senator in other counties is really pushing for developments even others going to extend of commissioning projects themselves forgetting that such mandate does not falls in their docket?

Ironically, our counterpart Kitui Senator has over the years been busy fighting his Governor, he almost has nothing to show for his years as the county overseer.

Am not against his candidature, please do not misquote me but if this guy means good for this county then he should have been doing tremendous tangible things while waiting for 2017 to do politics. Service to the electorates should have been among top of his agendas for the people of Kitui.

All that said and done, I opinion is that Kitui needs a person who has people’s interest in their hearts rather than self-inclination.

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