Meet Kitui’s worst gubernatorial aspirant

Hon Charity Ngilu riding on a bodaboda at Chuluni Market recently.

By Barrack Muli,

The former CS and Kitui central Member of Parliament Hon Charity Ngilu seems to be losing political imminence every day.

The long serving controversial MP and CS seems to be capitalizing much on outmoded political schemes that would certainly upset her gubernatorial bid in the impending elections.

The CS has constantly invited different individual Kitui residents to her home to vend her idea for leadership but this has not worked well towards her ambitions.

The former discharged CS is in record disapproving the current Kitui governor Dr. Malombe over water and health disputes, yet the blows trace origin to her previous régime as a CS.

Her Tuesday’s mysterious invasion to Kitui Level5 Hospital had nothing significant to offer to the patients except pursuing ill-timed political side shows and hawking her fading political daydreams to the wounded patients.

She protested over water shortage at the facility overlooking how a billion shillings meant for Umaa Dam which would have ended water scarcity vanished under her watch.

The County government of Kitui has since ended strikes by the medical staff and established a palliative care Centre for the patients. Large queues that were evident at the hospital have subsequently disappeared as patients are attended from different points.

The former CS left the helm of leadership when the referral hospital was pending disaster in most areas stretching from colossal water bills, faded roofing to bottomless queues at every department in the hospital.

Her reaction seems to have been motivated by propaganda that had been spread by a group of goons from Senator Musila’s camp about two victims that were left unattended, reports that were dismissed by the hospital management.

The former CS has been relieved state duties by former president Mwai Kibaki led government and the current government citing fraud accusations.

Her apparent use of management shortcuts mean great harm to the devolution system that requires procedural engagements that she has never shown any indications of adhering to.

It would be consequently unbiased to state that Mrs Ngilu is the most horrible and untimely autocratic governor Kitui will ever have should she clinch the seat.

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