Malombe’s PA and PR team is failing

Accident victim who had bone fracture wrapped in carton

By Jane Mutisya | KituiOnline

It’s rumored that sharing ideas with Kitui Governor is a waste of time. Most has been said on the trending topic #KituiGeneralHosp but what could be the best action from Governor’s office.

In my personal opinion Governor should have played something close to PR by either visiting the hospital immediately to have first info or temporarily interdicting involved officers. Instead the Governor visited the premise 3 days later

The best thing that county government did promptly was to give unedited press conference. The said press statement was immediately disowned by top county officials KO has intel. To spice it more Kitui County government only invited pocketed journalists.

All said and done the issue of Kitui General Hospital is one thing that is/will fight Kitui County government squarely. Talking about how it was stage managed on social media will not change it from Mutha, Endau, Kanyangi, etc residents who had this from local radio stations and watched the same on television.

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