Governor Joho ‘rapes’ Kitui residents

Governor Joho addressing Kitui residents

Governor Joho’s Chief of Staff Mr. Kyalo is now a wanted man in Kitui after raping the people of kitui county on Saturday and failing to pay an Kshs 100,000 allowance made for men who provided security to the Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho during his visit in the town.

The Chief of staff said the people of kitui county were fools and those who provided security to the prominent politician shouldn’t expect anything from Him.

Details with us is that The Chief of Staff had earlier on Saturday met 20 young men who were to provide security to the Governor on arrival.

Each was to receive an allowance of kshs 5,000.
Truth of the matter is, after the event and Governor Joho left, Mr. Kyalo left as well. Our sources indicate that Mr Kyalo was spotted in a restaurant along Kitui-Kibwezi highway with a few guys where they enjoyed some drinks for a few hours before leaving to Nairobi.

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When contacted through phone for the allowances of the security men he responded by saying “you fools stop bothering me, pesa ya joho endeleeni kuimezea mate.” When KO tried to reach him through his phone our calls went unanswered.

The response really angered the young men and have now vowed to deal with the chief of Staff if he doesn’t pay them their allowance.
“Hatutakubali mtu yeyote akule jasho yetu, wacha aende na hiyo but tutapatana tena,” one of the guys was quoted saying.

The residents were saddened by the action and have also vowed to never allow Governor Joho campaign in kitui again if that’s how him and his staff operate.
Reports have also emerged that several people had been mobilized for the event and promised hand outs but never happened.
This seems to be a blow to Joho’s campaign for kitui people are not happy with how the whole event was conducted.

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CORD fraternity is likely to suffer as well. Because Youths are considering to ban anyone related to JOHO politically in Kitui County

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