Aspiring leaders must hold dignity and show respect, Former LSK boss Eric Mutua.

Former LSK boss Eric Mutua addresses the residents at an earlier function.

Former LSK Chair and now Mwingi Central Member of Parliament Aspirant Eric Mutua has called on electorates not to elect leaders that insult each other in public but rather be keen on those that have well-elaborated manifestos.

“Such leaders have no place in Mwingi Central and should not be elected. If they can insult each other when not in power, what more can they do when we elect them,” Mutua retorted.

Mutua who has been enjoying massive support from the Mwingi Central residents since the incumbent MP shifted camps to Jubilee said; it is a shame that aspiring leaders lack morality and can afford to call each other names in public.

“It is unpopular and an expression of lack of leadership for hopefuls to stand in front of residents not to share their policies and strategies with the electorates but to undress each other.” Mutua added, urging residents to be keen on what the aspirants behave as they woo them for support in the next year’s elections.

Eric said it is wrong for aspirants to engage each other in public spat.
Eric said it is wrong for aspirants to engage each other in public spat.

Mutua insisted that we need peaceful elections and those that will lose to be contented and wait for another time.

“It’s not a matter of life and death, since elections will always be there,” Mutua said. He was speaking during his campaign tour in Mwingi Central where he visited Sosoma, Ngooni, Myuuni, Musovo and Ukasi.

Source: The Star

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