Find out why everyone wants Hon. Musila to graciously hang his boots.

Kitui County Senator Musila has advanced in age and critics insists he should take a bow. Photo/Ebru

Although a quick search on the google reveals Hon. David Musila, the Kitui County Senator as a man born in 1943, his life story and career path as narrated by people that he worked alongside does not tally at all.

Musila has come under immense criticism ever since he announced his intentions to take over as the next county boss. Many of the critics have argued that Musila is too old to withstand the heat of the position and he deserves nothing more but a good golden handshake from the public eye.

The history of this veteran politician begins in 1966 – 1979 where he worked for 13 years as a District Officer; later in 1979-1985 he was promoted to a D.C and later to a Provincial Commissioner for Central Province.

Between 1985-1988 he was the director of Tourism where he worked until his early retirement from public service in 1988.

In 1997 Musila ventured into politics and was elected as a Member of Parliament for Mwingi South, he served between 1997 – 2003, he was again re-elected and he served in the then government of the day as well as the Minister for Defence and finally he was voted in in 2013 as the Kitui County senator.

Many have now objected to Musila’s decision to vie for the gubernatorial seat saying it is about time that he hangs the boots of a politician and be pensioned off graciously as a veteran.

Hon. Musila has however maintained his stand saying he is equally capable to deliver to the people of Kitui county given the opportunity.You can be the judge. Musila anaweza ama hawezi?

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