Fransisca clears Kitute from the nude photos fiasco


Following the much talked about nude photos that emerged on social media in the last two days, KituiOnline decided to dive into the matter.

Our undercover cover unleashed that the origin of the nude photos of one Francisca was one of her friend who took the photo while at sauna. How the photo landed to WhatsApp is still a mystery we’re trying to uncover.

“I have done my vivid investigations and I have come to conclusion that in anyhow hon kitute was not in either way involved in the whole fiasco so I kindly disassociate himself with the whole thing thank you.” Fransisca says.

Additionally it’s said that Nimrod is Muluvi’s project to reduce chances 0f his opponents hence giving himself a chance to win in 2017 General Elections, Indeed politics is a dirty game

It’s not yet clear why ‘masai’ shared the pics in a WhatsApp group. Word on the street is that politics are the main reasons. It’s said Masai is Muluvi’s die hard

The whole saga of nude pics is causing more harm than good to the lady, her family, women/girl child, Milton Kitute, his family, Kitui East residents. “The pictures were being circulated by a lady friend whom I was with her at sauna.. I honestly apologize for any inconvenience or harm caused to Hon.kitute thanks and for God sake don’t please don’t post those pictures again ” She added in a whatsapp post in Kitui East Constituency group.

A screenshot from KITUI EAST CONSTITUENCY whatsapp group

Nimrod has directed all his energy in fighting kitute and the community should ask themselves if kitute drops his candidature today who wins? Of course muluvi will carry the day because kitute and muluvi are neighbors .the other question the community should ask is; kitute has no public fund why nimrod flight him and if it’s about people why threaten kitute from going to mutitu district while is going to help the community with his own money.

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