Malombe’s re-election bid firm despite opponents’ censure


By Barrack Muli,

Kitui governor Dr. Julius Malombe is on record several times alluding his steady victory in the forthcoming general elections.

These remarks have been received with inordinate reproach from opponents’ camps though the walk to the top county office won’t be a tranquil journey for the aspiring candidates.

The incumbent governor has in several occasions cited that his track record in effecting resourceful projects countywide is tangible and incontestable.

“Some of those yearning for the top seat are not truthful. They are fraudulent. Kitui people are wise and won’t vote them”.  Said governor Malombe in a recent occasion in the southern.

Malombe’s leadership has initiated numerous development projects in different parts of the county notwithstanding the unrelenting criticism by the serial non- progressive politicians currently eyeing the gubernatorial seat.

The governor has been in a continuous development journey of different wards launching innumerable projects ranging from infrastructure to health, a move that appears to be giving him mileage over his opponents as the 2017 elections approach.

The ongoing gubernatorial drama unfolding on social media among the electorate on who is best for the task means a lot in the forthcoming election.

The former Water CS is facing a rocky time traversing the county and getting hurtful reaction from the wananchi she all along failed to empower in her sunset reign as a minister. S

The other major opponent is Kitui senator Hon. David Musila who is in exposed triviality too. History has it that he did very little if any for the Mwingi people in his forty years of shady leadership excluding the only countable sum of children his foundation sponsored to dupe the Kitui electorate.

More drama is anticipated.

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