Minister roughed up for usurping the Deputy Governor during a mass burial in Kauma.

County Minister holds Governor's speech standing beside the Kitui Deputy Governor.

There was a scuffle on Friday Sept 23 at Kauma during the mass burial service for five people who perished in a road accident recently, thing started to go south when a county minister snubbed the deputy governor and rose to deliver Governor’s speech.

Few minutes through the speech some women emerged from the back to the podium and attempted to grab the microphone from the minister who seemed rather undeterred.

The minister was roughed up by the Kauma women forcing him to end the speech abruptly as commotion started setting in amid a rather sombre mood.

The story quickly spread across social media where residents have took to WhatsApp to share their discontentment.
Many have criticized the governor for flouting his deputy, saying the act is utterly disrespectfully.

The Deputy Governor Peninah Malonza among other leaders had joined hundreds of mourners and residents of Kyeni Village, Kauma location-Matinyani Ward in a funeral ceremony for five family members who perished in a tragic road accident on the night of 10th Sept. 2016 along Kyeni road.

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Below are some of the views shared online;

“Elsewhere Malombes Minister was roughed up by Kauma women during a mass burial when he attempted to read Malombe’s speech. The women beat him up and chased him out of the burial today. People have rejected Malombe. Voice clips coming shortly.”

“Let me say that at times our county staffs are being humiliated, embarrassed and roughed up for following Malombe sheepishly. In addition, the domineering nature in which Malombe is handling his senior staff has denied them an opportunity to be creative and innovative.”

“Many times that Malombe sent me to read his speech and the DG appeared I automatically briefed her and gave way! Jonah’s behaviour is as a result of the disrespect they have been taught by their master towards the DG! He was only perfecting his boss’s attitude and behaviour! Pole waziri but I hope tiz a lesson learnt hard way!”

“How can a minister be sent to deliver the governors message when the deputy is present. Hi madharahu mtawacha.”

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