Mutambu must fall! Mwingi Youth chant in protest.

Machakos Gov. Alfred Mutua, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Mwingi North MP Joe Mutambu.

Mwingi Central youth have come out in fury to denounce the decision by their seating MP Joe Mutambu to disown his own party for Jubilee. The youth staged protest in Mwingi town in a demo carrying Mutambu’s posters and effigy.

The drama unfolded on Thursday Sept 22 along the streets of the MP’s hometown where a group of youths tore off portraits of him while reciting tunes of betrayal.

Rowdy youth in a demo against the MP's move
Rowdy youth in a demo against the MP’s move

The MP is accused of betraying the Kamba people by joining the ruling team that formed the new Jubilee party led by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The protesters carried placards with messages of disapproval towards the MP’s actions.

“After Ngilu was badly mishandled by Uhuru’s administration and damped we cannot afford another kick on the butt again.” Masila who was among the protesters told KO.

“Mutambu has proved to be untrustworthy and does not deserve another chance,” Another protester said. “He has decided to be disloyal to our very own Wiper political choice, he must fall.” He added.

Mutambo officially defected from Wiper earlier this month among other nine Ukambani legislators, and the ten have been on the ground drumming support for the Jubilee party ahead of the 2017 general elections. Although chances of the defectors retaining their seats are getting slimmer by the day as many residents unhappy with their decision to shift camps.

The youth later put on fire the effigy and tore apart the Joe's posters to express their disapproval.
The youth later put on fire the effigy and tore apart Joe’s posters to express their disapproval.
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