Kitui MCA, cannot settle his bills


Kitui Township Member of County Assembly is a man under attack after residents accused him of neglecting his duties and concentrating on satisfying his stomach. He’s accused of using youths to obtain county tenders yet all the cash goes into his pocket.

Mechanics Association in Kalundu in an exclusive interview with KituiOnline said that they are not ready to service his Prado anymore.

They expressed their disappointments in their leader; this is after he failed to pay them their services for more than six months. “Namdai pesa kidogo lakini kuna wale hajawalipa more than 10,000: Mungu atanipigania” Mutinda (not real name) says.

What is happening to the county legislators, have we elected women to just eat? Besides passing laws to enrich themselves they are now looting and enriching themselves at the expense of the electorate.

“If this is what the MCA is doing what do you expect from the MCA in the near future if not bills from mama mboga.” One of the garage owners said.

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The behavior by MCA is worrying and an exact opposite of what Kenyans were looking for when they created the position in the 2010 constitution.

The MCA is said to be driving around town with his car windows tightly closed. He has been spotted driving with half closed window of late, we assume it’s because 2017 elections are around the corner.

We shame the said MCA and we hope he can take up his responsibility and pay up his dues.

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