KU reacts to Kitui East politician’s lack of decorum.


Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the fourth estate.. We sisters of Kitui East have gathered here to declare our displeasure with one politician Millitonic Mwendwa alias Kitute for disrespecting women.

The above mentioned man on Tuesday evening through his handlers chose to disrespect one of us , a student of Kenyatta University by posting her nude pictures in bid to silence her for possessing a different political ideology from his.

We feel that the action is barbaric and awkward coming from an aspiring leader and thereby we condemn it with the strongest terms possible.

It’s a pitty to learn that Kitute is person of such loose morals and lacks decorum. Men should not take advantage of school girls to exploit and tarnish their reputation, we wonder if this man has any respect for his daughters, wife or mother because this is the last thing a father figure can do.

We also urge our sisters out there to keep off relationships with such indecent crop of men.

We have given him 7 days to apologise to each and every woman including his own mother and wife, failure to which we will stage a protest,storm his home and demand an apology from his mother.

We will later seek legal redress on the matter because besides violating cyber regularities it has also dented our sister’s personality.

Thank you all for coming.

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