Let’s respect the dead, County First Lady urges politicians

County First Lady Edith Mawia (left) follows proceedings in a burial event on Saturday in Kitui

Kitui County First Lady Edith Malombe has called on politicians to shun engaging in politics during burial ceremonies saying it is insensitive and unfair to the bereaved families.

Mrs. Edith said engaging in personal attacks and political fights during send-off ceremonies was demeaning and should be discouraged, saying all leaders should promote unity among Kitui residents.

She said it was quite disturbing to have leaders involved in abusive politics during interment ceremony, First lady added that the dead deserve to lay in peace.

This comes barely two days after hired goons disrupted burial ceremony in Kauma, Matinyani ward where several members of one family were being laid to rest.

Present at that burial ceremony where the scuffle ensued were Kitui Deputy Governor Peninnah, Former Land CS Charity Ngilu and Kitui West MP Nyenze among other political bigwigs and county officials.

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