Find out why bodaboda sacco is ready for BETTY as Kitui Senator 2017

Kitui Senator 2017 - Betty Mulinge

By @Antoh_Muinde |KituiOnline

It is less than a week after the news broke that BETTY MUTETHYA MULINGE will be in be ballot paper come 2017 for senatorial position in Kitui County.

Apart from the fact that she is the first lady to express interest in the seat so far there  seem to be something else. Senator Betty is giving some team (mafisi) optical nourishment. If this is well utilized then she might clinch the seat ‘easily’
She is adding another strong force in the senatorial race. Other candidates in senatorial race include Evans Kwoko,  Elija Muimi among others.
Bodaboda operators in Kitui CBD have vowed to fully support her only under one condition. That she will not stop posting juicy photos on her social media accounts. “Tutaunda whatsapp group akue anajali maslahi ya macho” Mwangangi, Chairman Kithombiani Bodaboda Association added.
When we asked who is Betty the following photos were forwarded to us via whatsapp.
Photo: 1
Photo: 2
Photo: 3
Photo: 4
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