Mwingi Travellers Sacco licenses temporarily suspended.

A vehicle belonging to the Mwingi Travellers’ Sacco. Its licence was suspended by NTSA when it was involved in an accident near Mwingi town recently. Photo/ The Star

The National Transport and Safety Authority seems to have finally heeded to resident desperate calls and swung to action after it suspended licenses of the Mwingi Travelers Sacco vehicles which have become notorious in causing rampant road carnage.

The licenses were withheld last week following calls by MCAs Angeline Mbula and Titus Kasinga for the vehicles suspension until the Sacco’s matatu crews obey traffic rules and qualified to be road worthy.

Matatus plying the Mwingi-Tseikuru road were the most notorious in causing road carnage,two vehicles christened Itumba and Makandara are now out of business until they comply with road regulations.

The final stamping by the NTSA on their decision was sprung by another accident that occurred on Thursday night along Kitui-Matuu road, killing one and injuring 12 people.

The driver lost control of the vehicle after he hit the 64-year-old man. The injured were taken to Kitui County Referral Hospital.

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