Ngilu heckled for turning a solemn burial function into a vote-hunt spree

Charity Ngilu and the Kitui West MP Nyenze during the burial function in Matinyani.

Mourners and residents of Kyeni Village in Matinyani have come out to condemn gubernatorial hopeful Charity Ngilu for taking advantage of a solemn burial function to from support for his candidature instead of consoling the bereaved family.

Mrs. Ngilu who attended a funeral service of five relatives, who perished in a road accident on Friday, is accused of being insensitive with her talk at the funeral.

Ngilu seems to have rubbed the residents and mourners the wrong way for introduces politics when she was called to the podium to deliver her short speech.

Mourners expressed their disbelief in how Mrs. Ngilu hijacked a sombre event and turned it into one of her vote-hunting spree events.

“Instead of Ngilu consoling the grieving family she chose to campaign for herself, explaining how Malombe had done nothing during his tenure.” A mourner said in disgust.

It took the intervention of the area ward Administrator Peter Nyaninga who was one of the masters of ceremony to who took the microphone from Ngilu to appease mourners who were already heckling at the politician.

The astonished mourners and other guests who watched in disbelief say it was improper for the veteran politician to act as such.

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