Alshabaab suspects arrested in Kitui

Hard-line Islamist Al Shabab fighters conduct military exercise in northern Mogadishu.

People suspected to be of Somali origin and who have are suspected to be Alshabaab militants were yesterday arrested by police after the car they were travelling in was involved in an accident in Ukasi, Kitui County.

It is alleged that the suspects were from Somali via Garissa and on route to Nairobi but their mission was not clear. This is according to our insider who witnessed the arrest.

The driver of the vehicle and the other passengers who suffered minor injuries were taken to Mwingi Level IV hospital and are receiving medication under tight security of police.

The rest who escaped unhurt are helping police with investigation including the owner of the vehicle have involved in the accident.

The police have warned residents to remain vigilant as the threat of terrorism has not gone anywhere and the militants could be planning an attack anytime anywhere.

Alshabaab have been a threat to Kenya since its troops to Somalia. Al-Shabaab have in the past threatened to rein terror in countries contributing troops in Somalia

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