Former political adviser to Kitui County Governor won’t forgive his former boss

Dickens Kyale, Former Political Adviser to Kitui County Governor.

The former political adviser to Kitui County governor turned politician Charles Kyale is one man who never lacks a bullet to shoot at his former employer since he tendered his resignation earlier this year. He is on record saying that Kitui Governor is a hard nut and cannot be advised.

Now he is a vibrant critic of the county government and will not keep the secrets of the county to himself.

According to him he has vowed not to keep Malombe’s underdevelopment agendas to himself. He is heard saying that he is ready to skin Governor in an open forum in his Mwingi Central constituency, Nuu Ward

Kyale just recently promised to put the governor to task in the upcoming public debate at his home area. “Mukutano ula ukite vau Nuu, tukaminia ngui vau na Malombe!.” Kyale Dickens posted on Whatsapp.

According to the vocal Kyale Governor Malombe has totally failed Kitui residents; He laments that livelihoods of the people have ironically deteriorated with water shortage having taken a worse path in the three years Malombe has been in power, holding that the same is to be said across all other basic needs of the Kitui people.

It is however difficult to ascertain whether these sentiments by the former employee of the county are spiked by hate and his contrary political affiliation or the true good will for the people of Kitui.

Kyale has already tossed himself into the ‘dirty’ world of politics and has declared his interest in the Mwingi Central Constituency Parliamentary seat, he has also lined himself with Kitui Senator David Musila who his seeking to unseat the incumbent Kitui governor.

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