Let our political kingpins show unity first.

    Hon. Charity Ngilu gives a passionate hug to Former VP Kalonzo Musyoka

    By Guest Commentator – Yoana Kimwele – Aspiring MCA

    I’m making my passionate appeal to our political mentors. We want Hon. Ngilu, Hon. Musila and Hon. Kalonzo to join forces for the betterment of Kamba nation.

    For many years our Kamba community has experienced ugly political bickering between the Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Hon Charity Ngilu which to many of us, we think can only bebeen attributed by selfishness and lack of people interest.

    I personally feel we could have achieved a lot as a community if the two leaders read from the same page from the onset, considering the two leaders have been in the government for many years not forgetting Hon. Musila who has been at one point a speaker of National Assembly.

    As an upcoming young leader therefore, I humbly request our national leadership to bury the hatchet and see the bigger picture.

    Clearly their political differences have been nothing retrogressive but it is not too late. These leaders should swallow their pride at this time when we are headed to the polls and turn around the cards for the betterment of our future generations as that is the only game changer.

    The history will judge us harshly if we fail as people and as leaders. As a ward aspirant in Mutha Ward we feel our disunity has been our undoing. Let’s all call upon our leaders Hon. Ngilu, Hon. Musila and Hon. Kalonzo to join forces to the Kamba nation.

    The future of Kamba lies on unity.

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