Musila has no youth agenda

Ex Kitui county Senator David Musila during a past function

In the recent past there has been a real fight between Musila and Malombe since the former declared his yearning to feel the gubernatorial seat before he retire as age is his biggest drawback.

A concerned residents had therefore wrote to challenge Musila and his supporters to bring forth one youth who has been helped by the Senator Musila commonly referred to as umau by his opponents due to his advanced age.

“Show us at least two youths whom were assisted by Musila for the four years as a Kitui Senator, that way we can almost tell how best he will help us as youth if we elect him as the governor, trust yourself and not any leader” An observer advised.

“What I want are clear pics of some of the youths who have benefited from his leadership, someone who can stand up and say what I have is because of him, what youth agenda has Musila had both in the past and now?.” He added.

Hon. Musila who has been a politician for close to 20 years is said to have very little to show and electorates seem to have little confidence in him.

However, he is accused of using a clique of youth to campaign for him instead of engaging all youths as a whole a habit that has angered many of the youths.

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