Musila should be the last person to dream of Kitui governorship.

Kitui Senator David Musila who is eyeing the gubernatorial seat in 2017

By Observer

For the last 19 years in active politics, Kitui Senator David Musila should have groomed young politicians to succeed him but instead he has been accused of using his political power to kill valid dreams of young Kitui political hopefuls like Dr. Temi Mutia, Nduna, Caxton Munyoki, and Koki Musau among many.

Musila has also literately let the people from his home area Migwani live in disparity and poverty, this explains where Migwani town a sub-county that houses various national offices has no piped clean water.

His politics has been characterized by divide and rule policies and dictatorship to win the people of Mwingi West the many days he has served as their member of parliament.

He has managed to undermine the electorates throwing them to poverty for them to keep on begging and paying allegiance to him.

Musila is NOT a leader but a dictator. He must go home peacefully or be ejected through the ballot.
Kitui has young and energetic leaders who can pilot our county to the right direction.

Musila MUST pave way for other leaders, he MUST go by all means…!

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