The two dinosaurs in politics should blatantly be send home.

Voters at a polling station in Mutomo

By Observer

That Hon. Umau and CN want to remain politically relevant after 2017 general election is not unexpected. What is more worrying is why they want do so by vying for the gubernatorial post when they know very well that they do not fit the bill at all.

It’s also clear that these two old political spent forces do not realize that, the more they discredit the incumbent the more they portray themselves as barefaced political vultures preying on the county coffers.

I do believe that Kitui voters are not that gullible. The two and their political machinations are doomed and will fail miserably.

In the meantime, we that are informed will tirelessly continue to enlighten and educate Kituians on how to make informed choices in as far as this crucial county post is concerned.

We all know that the governorship is the most important political position under devolution and we cannot afford to second guess, the seat should be in the hands of a leader who is not only competent but also firm, trustworthy and thoroughly conversant with the devolution law.

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It is said that no matter how many times a tiger enters into a stable, it will never turn into a horse. Instead it will always be a threat to the horses.

Therefore Kituians beware of political tigers/hyenas amongst ours so called county leaders some of whom have no respect for public property/land while others have sticky forked fingers in addition to being seriously deprived of basic administrative qualities necessary for proper county management.

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