MCA Ngoima is a contractor in Malombe’s government

Fencing poles

By @Antoh_Muinde | KituiOnline

For the longest time it has been said that Kitui members of the county assembly are part of the contractors that secure best of the contracts awarded by the county.

While this totally against the procurement and disposal Act, several MCAs with utter disregard continue to benefit indirectly from County government tenders.

Mulango and Kitui Township MCAs have been accused of being the among the rogue MCAs who are top ‘contractors’ in the County government.

To cover their identity it’s rumored they use companies belonging to other people whom they work with and in the long run they get a tipped.


According to our sources Muslim Primary school is being fenced by Township MCA. To blindfold us the siteboard bears Tryphosa as the company undertaking the project.

Our team decided to do an undercover on the same. With evidence it’s clear that the posts being used to fence the school are from Ngoima’s Ithookwe home.

KituiOnline team is working on unveiling more projects being undertaken by Kitui County government and assembly officials.


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