Breaking News!! A Kitui politician luring youth with sex.


A Kitui Women representative aspirant is said to be luring young youth with sex in order to trap them to lobby support for her political ambitions.

Allegations have emerged that the politician whose name we have withheld has lured one Ben Kilonzi his number one supporter, the guy has been drumming support for the aspirant wooing more youth to join the bandwagon.

It has emerged that the young man has been lured into sex by the ambitious Women Rep aspirant looking for easy route to power.

A close ally to the two has indicated that the broke youth who has been cohabiting with the aspiring politician for months anis being used to attack other aspirants in exchange of the forbidden fruit.

Our sources also disclosed that the aspirant is also said to be spoiling the broke lad with huge cash that have left the guy confused, her intention is to ensure the guy does not expose the whole saga.

However, we are still investigating the matter, keep it locked here as the story develops. We will soon be naming the Aspiring Women Rep with the rotten behavior.


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