Shock a murder suspect appears before court without pants

Previosly when John Musyoka, the suspect appeared before court, he did not want the media to capture his image.

A murder suspect who allegedly massacred his relatives few years ago, yesterday surprised many when he turned up before Kitui Law courts without pants.

The suspect is accused of killing 12 people from his home in Mwingi in 2013. The suspect appeared in court dressed in his undergarments only prompting the Judge to order for a mental examination of the suspect.

The suspect is widely feared by those who know him and has been fond of pulling crazy stunts, previously when he appeared in the same court he terrorized everyone including charging at the journalists.

“John Musyoka, alias Karunyu, engaged court orderlies in a fist fight as he protested against a journalist taking his picture or recording footage of him during the hearing.” The Star reported.

Kitui Deputy Registrar Rose Ombata has now ordered the suspect John Kilonzo Musyoka undertakes a psychiatric examination at Mathare Mental Hospital before his case is mentioned on October 18.

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