Jubilee candidates have started surfacing in Kitui

Tobias Wambua MCA aspirant vying on a Jubilee ticket.

An MCA aspirant running on a Jubilee ticket in Kyatune/ Ikanga ward has been demystifying the culture of one party rule in Ukambani which has reigned for many years.

The relatively young lad Tobias Wambua says party affiliations should be is a non-issue, he holds that voters should look at the character and personality of the candidate and not the party that they are using.

“Leadership is not about the party! It is about your agenda, policies and selling oneself to the electorates. Many times I’ve seen people loose election by virtue of being at the right party but not the people’s choice.” A supported shared his sentiments.

Wambua hope the people of Ikanga will disregard party politics and consciously vote in a leader like him. He is the first among the upcoming grassroots politicians that Jubilee party seems to be grooming in Ukambani.

Jubilee is likely to support numerous budding politicians at the county level in order to increase their popularity and garner more points ahead of the 2017 general elections.

In his latest post, Wambua expressed his liking of the Ukambani kingpin and hinted to Kalonzo to be tactful and play safe with ODM party leader Raila, saying he is not a good man.

“I may be young, I may not have enough experience especially on political issues, I may be criticized, but I personally advise Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka to see things with an eagle’s eye, Mr. Odinga is so selfish and undemocratic and I don’t see him supporting Stevo in any way. Stevo I love you and I wish you all the best in your political endeavors.” He wrote.


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