Malombe’s PA has turned into a copycat after a long slumber.

Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe addressing Kwavonza residents at St Lukes Secondary School playground in Kiusyani earlier

Barely two weeks after Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho visited Majengo area in Kitui Town, now Maluvya commonly nicknamed in social circles planned to visit the area.

The County boss is said to have been visiting to listen to the views of the Muslim community in Kitui town. The meeting was however suspended at the 11th hour to give police enough time to secure the venue after word went round that a hostile reception awaited him in the area.

The news of his visit which is perceived as the first ever since he rose to power has sparked a lot of debate on social media platforms with critics accusing him of playing politics after sidelining the Muslim community for all the years.

‘The questions that remain are; kwani Joho ndo alikuja na muslim community kitui ndo maluvya apange awatembelee saa hii? Hio miaka yote tangu apewe ugavana amekua wapi?’ One member wondered.

‘Hii tabia ya kufuatafuata leaders kama nzige,ukisikia wamefanya mkutano kule kesho unaenda huko,utaendelea nayo hadi lini Doctor Mapembe? Dr. Mapembe needs to fire his political advisors.” Another one added.

A hot debate would later follow with members criticizing the governor’s untimely decision to act. Although the governor could have been acting on a good faith note the time was wrong and the PA has obviously fallen to sleep too early.

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