“Do not elect fatigued elderly leaders who are past expiry dates.” Malombe.

Kitui Governor, Dr. Julius Malombe.

Kitui Governor Julius Malombe has scoffed his opponents’ intentions to unseat him saying they are already an expired lot hungry to steal from the public coffers. Malombe said he could not imagine handing over power to an already fatigued and totally worn-out leader.

“Their continued clamor for leadership reveals their contempt for younger leaders’ capacity and their insatiable greed for power,” Malombe said.

Malombe who is 61 expressed confidence that he will floor his opponents David Musila, 73 and Charity Ngilu 64 to emerge the winner in 2017, he called upon the residents to resist from electing old expired leaders to take up a the tough job of the county administrator.

“We have very able young leaders who can be groomed to make great leaders. I personally want to hand over the mantle to a younger, agile and progressive leader bubbling with energy. “Malombe said.

“This vast county needs an intellectual and younger leader to maintain the development tempo my administration has set,” He added.

The county boss was speaking at Mulango ward on Thursday, when he toured projects undertaken.

Source: Star.

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