Machakos government accused of harassing artisans.


Artisans in Machakos County have accused the county government of harassing them using the county revenues collectors who frustrate their efforts to earn a decent living from their talent.

A 50-year old Slota Slum said he has been unable to trade his good like before since the county askaris have harassed him telling him to register his business and acquire premise in order to pay the revenue to the county for his business to carry on.

The elderly artisan who is married to two wives and has six children says his business that makes a meagre Kshs 8000 cannot afford a premise for itself. The county askaris have however confiscated the traders’ goods.

“I am poor and cannot afford to buy materials for making the handcrafts, I recycle livestock hide and scrap metals to make my wares,” Ndawa said urging the county to allow him make his little money peacefully.

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