Malombe abandons his ‘bodyguards’ after a successful event in Kitui

Kitui Governor,Julius Malombe, addressing residents

The county boss is never short of surprises and this time round his squad decided to pull a rather strange stunt after it allegedly hired a squad to accompany the governor during his tour of Kitui Central projects and left them with no pay or transport back.

The bouncers were hired as security for Kitui county governor were left to unceremoniously without being handed they perks even after putting their best foot forward “campaign security” team.

According to the bouncers they were left to walk all the way from Syongila the last point where the governor stationed before ending his tour.

They had been hired to accompany the governor for a function at Mutendea.

The men claimed that they walked on foot all the way from Syongila, through Kalundu to Ngiini, Katyethoka and finally up to Mutendea and nobody offered them a cup of neither water nor food, even the Ward administrator who had initiated their hiring cared less.

It took the intervention of the area MC Hon. Ngoima who donated his pickup to go and pick the stranded men who were getting worn out already.

After the Mutendea function, the men came to Kitui town to follow up with their wages but all in vain.

This experience has left bitter taste in many of the residents who have cursed the governor’s action and warned him to trade carefully.

“Even as the incumbent governor Malombe seeks to retain his seat, he should be reminded that the people that he has ignored are the same ones that actually have the power to bring a leader down.” A bitter resident said.

If there is a time that leaders should pay attention to the people, it is now.

It is unfair to have gotten a group of men to offer them some sort of jobs only to later dismiss them without pay or gratitude. This people have families and responsibilities to put something on their table even when they appear like idlers.

Mpanda mchongoma,kushuka ndio ngoma.

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