Grief as dog feasts on the body of a class eight pupil in Mwingi North

The villagers at Ann's home after discovering the body. Photo/K24.

A sombre mood engulfed a village in Mwingi North, Mumoni after a body of a missing standard eight girl was found badly mutilated by dogs in the bushes.

The body was recovered in a forest in Konyu Village with hungry dogs feasting on it. The deceased Ann Muthoni 21 was a class eight pupil at a boarding school in Muumoni before her disappearance and eventual death a week ago.

It was a sad moment for the family and villagers to discover the dead body after a futile search of the girl for close to a week; it broke people hurts to find the body so mutilated by strayed dogs.

The sister to the deceased said that her sister’s disappearance and death was accessioned by constant victimization because of her age in school.

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