Kalonzo Must Never Go It Alone

Former VP Kalonzo Musyoka during a recent political rally

By Barrack Muli
Wiper Party’s presidential ambitions must be withheld this time completely if Kalonzo cares about his presidential candidature in future.

The obvious constant hide and seek games in CORD are self-proliferated by the co-principals and sending very traitorous signals to the opposition’s possible death prior to next year’s general election.

It would be deceitful for the Wiper boss to think he can manage to statehouse next year as the country’s President if things fall apart in CORD.

Kenya’s presidential politics are already defined and speaking of Kalonzo’s win without Raila and Wetangula alone is politically erroneous and suicidal.

Since losing the 2013 elections to the Jubilee duo, Kalonzo Musyoka has, to his credit, patiently stuck by Raila’s side, all the time calculating the difficult math of his political future.

He was seemingly investing on an alleged memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between him and Raila in the run up to the 2013 elections.

Under the MOU, Raila was to support Kalonzo Musyoka’s candidature in next year’s elections.

Being the politician he is, Kalonzo Musyoka perhaps did not expect Raila to honor the deal but anticipated to use it as a reason to bolt out if a good deal was put on the table by another partner.

Raila and his allies have since said the deal was only applicable if they won the 2013 elections.

It would be the joke of the season to have Kalonzo go it alone to the presidential ballot next year.

ODM is the strongest opposition party and therefore unity of the opposition remains paramount if it plans to win in 2017.

It is clear that the opposition leaders must remain joint to create sureness and hope among their supporters.

The opposition must agree on a single flag bearer and service a countrywide strategy to talk to Kenyans and convince them that they have the solution to the decrying levels of poverty, corruption and unemployment hammering the citizens.

It is healthy to observe that Kalonzo and Wetangula must be keen not to abandon Raila whose last bullet remains the optimism of the Luo nation in 2017.

Kalonzo and Wetangula have an uphill task to sacrifice again for baba, they need his support in future than never again in history.

Views expressed are those of the contributor and they do not necessarily represent the views of KO.

Wiper leader together Wiper Chair David Musila and Secretary General Hassan Omar
Wiper leader together Wiper Chair David Musila and Secretary General Hassan Omar
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