Endau-Malalani hit by drought as water sources dry up

Endau-Malalani residents walk for over 20kms in search of water.

Thousands of residents in Malalani and Endau risk death by starvation as water source are disturbingly drying up. The residents who are only relying on three wells in the area have called on the county government to intervene as these water sources are not only too few but also filled with fluoride.

The residents who have accused the county government of neglect are now calling for humanitarian intervention from non-governmental organization.

“Despite the county government saying it has spent over Kshs 20 Million on water resources across the county, water is still the biggest problem in Endau- Malalani ward. We want to appeal to the governor to act with speed as this is a humanitarian crisis looming.” A resident told KO

It is said that on average the residents have to traverse a distance of close to 20km in search of water.

It takes residents the whole day at the river source because of the long queues. Both humans and livestock risk starvation and death as a result.

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“All county government boreholes have broken down and have excess saltiness and fluoride hence dangerous for human consumption. It’s bad for the governor to go around telling residents of other areas that he provided water to Endau- Malalani people. Where is devolution?” The disappointed resident posted.

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