Kitui residents online scorn President’s message on Kitui-Mutomo-Kibwezi road.

Uhuru's visit to Kitui on day two of his Ukambani tour in June.

WhatsApp groups and Twitter has been awash with disappointing feedback since Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo delivered the Presidents message on the fate of much awaited upgrading of Kitui-Mutomo-Kibwezi road.

Amb. Kiema spoke over the weekend affirming that President Kenyatta would make a visit to Kitui in a short while to launch the project officially.

The news have since been received with mixed reactions with the wider public ridiculing the President with his many fake promises saying the road works are overdue.

When the President visited Ukambani in June this year, there was high hope that he would ground break the project as planned but unfortunately Kitui people were short-changed in the air with president promising a return trip.

“The president has visited twice with the same promise, can someone tell him we are fed up with his empty promises. The best he can do for Kitui residents is to just ensure the road works begin then we can start talking from there.” An angry resident posted.

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“…salamu tumepokea sasa kazi ianze..But spending another huge budget on travelling to Kitui for a third time with possibilities of a third promise would not be cost-effective let that money construct a few kilometers…” Another resident wrote.

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